Called a Negro a Negro was killed and the offender went unpunished


Photo: Mike Blake / Reuters

In the U.S. state of Oregon driver FedEx killed the man, called him a nigger and got away with it. Reported by the New York Post.

As said Deputy district attorney Adam Gibbs, defendant Timothy Warren was slain right reply to Joseph Magnuson, who, according to witnesses who called the man a nigger, and showed him other insults to the representative of the law, a colored man replied in a similar action to the attacks of the aggressor.

The incident occurred on September 26 in Portland. Magnuson started the provocation with the fact that aggressive asked Warren to stop the car. After the postal employee of the company stayed, Magnuson began to racially insult him and threw him a jar of drink.

The witnesses also stated that the Magnuson waved to the Warren bag of food before you get from being hit in the left eye. The man fell to the ground unconscious, and later died. Warren disappeared from the scene, and waited for the arrival of the police.

According to doctors, Magnuson died at the scene, because his health was in an “extremely poor state”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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