Disclosed the content of contracts of employment of mercenaries, PMCs Wagner


Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran / Reuters

Fighter of the so-called private military companies (PMCs) Wagner in Syria has described the conditions of the contracts of the mercenaries. The inquiry published “the Russian service Bi-bi-si”.

According to the man named Nikolay Averin, training camp, PMC is located on a military training ground Molkino in Krasnodar territory. There’s a new recruit spends three days. First he passes a physical examination — a three-kilometer cross and pull the second passes the medical tests. Beginners are also asked to pass a drug test.

At the beginning of the military campaign in Syria, the missions of mercenaries could last up to six months. Now, according to Averina, the time limit is three months. With travel abroad is not a problem, despite the fact that the border guards probably know why men go to Syria. Upon arrival in the country the stamps in the passport do not put: technically, the man flies all the time travel, and then returned to Russia.

Now, according to Averin, the contractors get about 150 thousand rubles a month. In a “Bi-bi-si” was a contract that was with the soldiers going to the East of Ukraine in 2014-2015. Then their wages amounted to 80 thousand rubles, “in the case of receiving the non-staff employee injury or other health damage during the performance of their duties” offset 300 thousand, in case of death of the family paid two million rubles. After the start of the campaign in Syria payouts for death rose to five million.

19 November it was reported that fighters of the Russian private military companies and some veterans ‘ organizations have asked the international criminal court to initiate investigations against the organizers of the PMC.

In early November, “Novaya Gazeta” wrote about the death of six fighters of the so-called PMC Wagner in Syria.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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