Former Vice-Governor was sentenced to 11 years rigorous imprisonment for bribes


Dmitry Hvostovet:

Former Vice-Governor of Vladimir region for the construction of Dmitry Khvostov sentenced to 11 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony and a fine of more than 560 million rubles, said “the” the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

According to investigators, Tails has received four bribes totaling more than 20 million rubles. He was detained by field investigators of Management of FSB across Vladimir region in the country — in the Krasnodar region, a month after the dismissal of 26 October 2016.

“In 2014, Vladimir Khvostov through the intermediary received 1.4 million rubles for the inclusion of construction of one of the kindergartens of the city to the appropriate Federal program. And later the same businessman handed the Vice-Governor apartment worth of about 6.4 million rubles, and more than nine million rubles for the coordination of projects of building of microdistrict “Snovitsy-Berezino” city of Vladimir” — said the representative of the RCDS.

In April 2014, the Tails through the intermediary received two million 200 thousand rubles in cash from the developer. For the money he guaranteed to support the promotion of the project of development of another area of the city. In 2015, the third appearing in a criminal case the merchant gave him 800 thousand rubles for support in the implementation of the Federal program “Housing for Russian family”.

Tails himself on the court argued that money did not take, and the criminal case was fabricated, including due to the failure to testify at the former Governor of Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova. However, the court considered the testimony of mediators, which indicated the specific details of the transfer of money or property.

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