Found a way to stop the aging process of the body


Photo: Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

Scientists of the University of Pittsburgh found that the decrease of activity of the protein klotho is the reason why muscles lose the ability to heal as you age. They also tested a drug that can improve regeneration. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

It is known that increased activity of klotho protein increases the lifespan in experimental animals, a deficiency of a molecule to provoke accelerated aging. Recently, it was shown that the molecule protects the brain from inflammatory reactions and prevents the development of senile diseases of the Central nervous system (CNS). In addition, the decrease in the activity of klotho contributes to dysfunction of mitochondria.

In the experiment, the researchers used mice, mutant for the gene Klotho. Scientists gave the animals the drug SS-31, which supports mitochondrial function. It was found that rodents who received drug, had improved the process of regeneration of damaged skeletal muscle. The strength of the new muscle was similar to that in normal mice.

Injection of the drug in the organism of old animals a few days after the injury also led to increase muscle mass and improve functional status. According to scientists, this method will help restore older people who have experienced trauma or surgery on the muscles. However, to determine the correct dose and timing of treatment will require more research.

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