In Israel complained of the difficulties in bombing Syria because of Russia


Photo: Pierre Bou Karam / AP

In Israel lamented the difficulties in the conduct of military operations in the middle East because of Russia. This writes Haaretz.

Despite the fact that after the death of a Russian military plane Il-20 Israel stopped the bombing of Syria, to carry out military operations in the region has become more difficult. The author believes that the cause of the difficulties is Russia.

In his opinion, no matter “whether Moscow is angry over the loss of Transporter or tries to dictate the rules in the region,” Israel’s actions have equally unpleasant consequences. “Russia has made it clear to Israel that the status quo has changed, the article says. — Activity of the Israeli air force demolished their [Russian] master plan — the restoration of the regime of [President Bashar] al-Assad (…) and the conclusion with them of contracts that will protect the strategic and economic interests of Russia in the region.”

Another important challenge for the Jewish state the author calls Moscow’s interests in Lebanon. The worst scenario is that the protective umbrella, both symbolic and real, which Russia opened over Syria includes Lebanon, complicating the task of Israel.

Earlier in November in Damascus reported that the Israeli air force did not inflict strikes on Syria after Russia handed over to the Syrian army anti-aircraft missile complexes (ZRK) With-300.

In early October, Russia completed the supply to Syria three s-300 divisions, each of them includes eight launchers. The decision to supply SAMS to Syria was taken once in September, the Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 was hit by a Syrian missile system s-200 present Israeli F-16 fighter. The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu laid the blame for the incident on Israel, and the Israeli army on Syria, Iran and Hizbollah.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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