In the state Duma pointed out to the Russians with the diplomas for the jobs of painters and cleaners


Sergey Vostretsovo: Dmitry Dukhanin / Kommersant

A member of the Duma Committee on work and social policy Sergey Vostretsov stated that all people with higher education are not enough seats in the lower house of Parliament, and reiterated the demand for painters and cleaners. It quotes the edition “Ridus”.

“To see me all the time to come strange people who complain that they have two or three degrees, and they can’t find work. When I indicate that the labor market is bursting at the job painters, cleaners, and sellers, they turn their noses up. So who is to blame them that they are CIT?” — he said, commenting on his initiative on fines for non-working citizens for failure to pay social contributions.

According to vostretsova, any person would like to work in the state Duma, however, “to whom it was very necessary, and they went to the deputies.” He also stressed that the Russian Corporation “Gazprom” is also not able to take on all comers. The solution, according to the MP, the labour exchange, where “retrain from Neftekhimik in a painter or chef, and at public expense”.

November 20, Vostretsov has proposed fining of unemployed Russians of working age because they do not pay contributions to social funds. In his opinion, citizens should be required to pay contributions to the Pension Fund, mandatory medical insurance Fund and social insurance Fund.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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