Lucky numbers helped the old woman to twice win a large sum


Photo: Michigan Lottery

A lover of lotteries from the U.S. state of Michigan, twice won the jackpot using the same combination of numbers. About it reports UPI.

72-year-old woman bought lottery tickets every day during the month. She had always written the same ten numbers — dates of birth and various anniversary. One of the tickets brought her a big prize of 250 thousand dollars (16.5 million rubles).

The woman claims that I didn’t believe my luck when I called the hotline lottery and found out about the win. “I immediately hung up and again dialed the hotline number to verify that you heard me right, she remembers. — After the second time I still did not believe and called her son, so he checked the number in Internet”.

Earlier, a woman won 252074 dollar (16,6 million) in another lottery. The combination of numbers, which she then used was the same.

18 November it was reported that a resident of Manhattan, has won the largest prize in lottery history in new York. Every week he bought a lottery ticket and filled in the numbers suggested by the relative of a quarter of a century ago.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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