Registration for the competition “I am a professional” ended with record



The Olympics “I — professional” has received more than 523 thousand applications. This is a 78 per cent increase in registrations last year, according to the website of the project.

About 303 thousand registrations were received from girls, about 220 thousand from boys. The percentage was 58 to 42, last year — 61 39. More than half of the registrants are students aged 19 to 21 years.

“For the second consecutive season, most apply on the socio-economic and natural-scientific directions of the Olympics. Interestingly, a twofold increase compared to last year showed IT-direction – they accounted for more than 65 thousand registration”, — said the head of the Olympics “I — professional” Valeria Kasamara.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the Olympiad consists of 54 directions for students of the Humanities, natural and technical specialties. The winners will receive cash prizes of $ 200, and 300 thousand rubles, the benefits upon admission to graduate, postgraduate and residency leading universities in the country, as well as internships in more than 100 large public and private companies.

November 24 kicks off the qualifying online round of the Olympiad.

In last year’s competition was attended by 295 thousand people. Diploma steel 2030.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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