Revealed the secret murder of refugees by Israeli submarine


Archived fotofoto: Yoel Kantor / GPO / Getty Images

Submarine the Israeli Navy 36 years ago, sank a ship full of refugees off the coast of Lebanon. This was reported by the Israeli Tenth channel. As noted in the article, to overturn the ban on the publication of this information turned out by the Supreme court.

The incident occurred in June 1982 during the First Lebanon war. During one of the truces the port of Tripoli, the ship came to the Lebanese refugees who tried to escape from the hostilities. At the same time in the region were on the job, the Israeli submarine: she was to patrol the waters of the Mediterranean sea in the heart of the city and to drown the Syrian ships, which could move South to strike at the Jewish state.

As a result, the commander of the submarine, some time studying the ship with refugees, mistakenly assumed that there are terrorists, and the target fired two torpedoes. The crew was forbidden to help the survivors, 25 people died.

During the investigation of the incident, the man said that the vessel was monitored until dark. According to him, during this time, the Board did not notice women, or children, there was dozens of men in the same clothes similar to the military. Vice commander believed that you should not shoot, however, the atmosphere on Board “was full of a desire to attack.” The investigation lasted three years, in the end, the command is not found the bases for punishment of the crew.

The first Lebanon war called the Israeli military operation “Peace for Galilee” in Lebanon in 1982. At that time the Northern neighbor of Israel was engulfed in civil war between Muslim and Christian communities in the country. While Lebanon was the base of the Palestine liberation Organization (PLO), making raids into Israel and staging terrorist acts.

In the course of a military operation against the PLO, the Israeli army took over the capital of Lebanon is Beirut and the formation of the PLO was forced to leave the country and move to Tunisia. After the operation, Israeli forces established in southern Lebanon “security zone”, which was controlled until 2000 in conjunction with the “South Lebanon Army”, consisting of Lebanese Christians.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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