Revealed the secret of a perfect press


Camilla Garbellotto: @camilla_akerberg

Personal trainer Akerberg Camilla (Camilla Ackerberg) told us about the three secrets of a perfect press. Reported by the Daily Mail.

First, according to Akerberg, you need to change your diet to eat enough protein and healthy fats, take probiotics, and drink more water and don’t starve.

The next secret is to exercise properly. “Combine training with weights to build muscles and cardio for weight loss,” she says.

Third, during training, should pay attention to not only the press, but the whole body. According to the coach, for sports suitable exercises on balance and statics, for example, Planck.

Earlier in November, model Abigail O’neill, who gave birth to three children, shared her secret of youth and slimness. 44-year-old Australian said that every woman can repeat the trick at home.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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