Russian journalist detained in Latvia for anti-state activities


Yuri Alekseevicha: Pikabu

The security police of Latvia has detained Russian journalist and human rights defender Yury Alekseev. This was reported TASS the lawyer IMMA Jansone.

According to her, he will stay in the police for two days, after which the court will make a decision to either let him go or to arrest.

The lawyer noted that against Alekseev criminal case under two articles: activities directed against Latvia, and assistance to a foreign state in its activities against Latvia. “I believe that he is detained for his journalistic work,” said Janson.

On Friday, November 23, in the house Alexeyev spent the next search.

The journalist was detained in December 2017 for publications containing elements of incitement to ethnic hatred. Then his house was searched, the security services were found ammunition for a handgun and child pornography. The human rights activist was released on his own recognizance. Later against him were indicted for incitement and illegal possession of ammunition and for distributing porn. Alekseev didn’t admit guilt and stated that the case was fabricated. He claimed that the bullets were planted on him during a search, and found materials — photos of his children while swimming.

59-year-old Yuri Alexeev was born in Norilsk. Latvia was the General Director of the newspaper “Business&Baltia”, then its editor in chief and also the chief editor of “Kommersant Baltic daily” and editor-in-chief of the journal “”. Participated in the center-left party ZaPcHeL.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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