Russians will learn to communicate with polar bears


Photo: Eugene Novozenina / RIA Novosti

During the year Russia will have a national standard for staff working in the Arctic companies at a meeting with polar bears in the settlements, reports TASS with reference to the Chairman of the technical Committee for standardization of Rosstandart, Directors of scientific-information center “Arctic initiative” Nikita Kuprikov.

Guidelines developed members of the technical Committee, which included representatives of 40 companies and agencies. The documents will be submitted to the Rosstandart.

According Kuprikov, will take already existing for such situations the recommendations developed by the Society of wildlife and the Institute of ecology and evolution Russian Academy of Sciences.

As explained by the Agency, the Executive Director of “Society” Anton Bersenev, the recommendations concern how the specifics of the action when meeting with a polar bear outside of towns and enterprises, and when the predator itself comes in where people live: why you should not feed, how to scare away or why not take the cubs of a predator in hand.

The experts also proposed to include in the new standard the erection of fencing of places where people in the Arctic in the polar bear’s habitat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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