The arrest by the police of the group IC3PEAK denied


Group ІС3РЕАКФото: “VKontakte”

Reports of the arrest by the police electronic band IC3PEAK in Kazan was a lie. This was stated by the lawyer of the international human rights organization “Agora” Timur miftahutdinov, reports on Friday, November 23, “the Media”.

According to him, after the concert in the club “Nora” musicians “safely reached the place of his rest.” The lawyer said that 40 minutes after the beginning of the performance arrived to the site the police and emergency workers. They talked with the administration of the institution, and then the band finished the concert and left.

Manager IC3PEAK Oleg Mitrofanov said that the group was refused on two grounds of Kazan, but the performance was agreed to be held in “the Hole”.

Earlier Friday it was reported that members IC3PEAK was taken to the police station. The musicians wrote in “Vkontakte” that the concerts are trying to disrupt the local authorities and the FSB. Yesterday in Nizhny Novgorod they also had to change three seats for the concert.

Prosecution of young musical performers began after one of the deputies sent the corresponding request to the Prosecutor General’s office, enclosing a list of “objectionable” artists.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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