The deputies tied up trying to jump out of an airplane passenger


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Passengers of Air Moldova airlines wanted to jump out of a plane at an altitude of 10 thousand meters. About it reports TASS.

The incident occurred during a flight from Moscow to Chisinau on Friday, November 23. On Board was the Deputy of the Parliament of the Republic Grigory Novak with colleagues: they were returning from Russia, which was visited by the delegation of the President Igor Dodon.

“I was approached by a flight attendant and asked for help. She said one of the passengers want to open the door and jump out of a plane. So I went for it, pushed it from the door, and began to calm him down so as not to cause a panic on Board,” — said Novak.

To calm the rowdy was impossible, therefore, parliamentarians and bound him in order to avoid panic among other passengers. After landing, the man was taken away by the police.

The staff of Air Moldova has not commented on the incident.

In October, the flight attendant fell out of aircraft operated by Air India and was in the hospital. The incident occurred at the international airport named Chhatrapati, Shivaji in Mumbai. 53-year-old flight attendant Harsha Lobo fell out of the plane, which was on the runway and waited for my flight to new Delhi.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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