The fight against global warming was recognized uneconomical


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Scientists at Harvard University concluded that the technology of injection of aerosols into the Earth’s atmosphere to combat global warming is fundamentally possible, but with the current level of technology is too expensive. About it reported in a press release on

The researchers analyzed various methods of delivery of sulfate aerosols to the lower part of the stratosphere (at a height of about 20 kilometers) during a large-scale geoengineering projects aimed at mitigating the anthropogenic impact on the climate of the planet. According to the hypothetical scenario scientists, this project will be launched in 15 years.

According to experts, the injection of aerosols into the atmosphere is possible only by using specially designed for this aircraft, and none of the existing aircraft did not have to do a cost-effective combination of payload and flight altitude. The creation of a suitable airframe will cost more than two billion dollars, and the modification of existing engines is an additional $ 350 million.

To fight global warming is now widely discussed various ways of geoengineering. Spraying in the sky of a mixture of sulfates with water contributes to the reflection and dispersion of sunlight (which simulates caused by the eruptions cold). However, in contact with sulfates in the atmosphere it forms sulfuric acid, which damages the ozone layer. In addition, the sulfates absorb light at specific frequencies, which heats up the lower part of the stratosphere is, in turn, unpredictable impact on the climate.

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