The first channel was accused of lying about illiterate students


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

Report of the First channel about the illiteracy of students of journalism faculty of the Moscow state University can be rigged. One of the students is confident that the material is specially mounted so that to put students in a bad light. On publication of refutation, that in “Vkontakte” posted a student of journalism Yuliya Rybina, drew attention TJournal.

“I and many of my friends participated in the survey and inserted the letters in these cards that do not check literacy. In the air you got the footage from an isolated error, and most of them are not done by students of journalism”, — says the publication. The student added that in the cards of the interviewers did not have the words broadcast.

The plot, in question, went on air on 22 November and was dedicated to the Day dictionary. In it, the journalists gave students word cards and asked to write the missing letters in them. It was argued that scored 100 points on the exam make mistakes. Among the most frequent, e.g. “unlikely”, “possible”, “vroce” the doctors, “I know” — “don’t know” and others.

The channel reported that freshmen at the University annually to write a dictation test, which handle units. Reporting this in the story, the channel referred to the words of associate Professor of stylistics at the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University Anastasia Nikolaeva.

Fish has refuted reports that first-year students pass the literacy test. In her words, “the information channel based on a false article that appeared on the Internet in 2009”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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