The mummy of the undercover brother was found in the house dead mother


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In the English town of Northallerton, the County of North Yorkshire, is among the things the dead woman had a box with a dead baby. This publication reports The Independent.

The discovery was made by her children, versed in the house after his mother’s death. In a box lying in a cupboard under the stairs, was a packet of mummified remains of a newborn baby boy.

The police tried for several months to establish the circumstances of his death. Experts believe that the baby was full term, and found no trace of injuries, but difficult to answer, whether he died after birth or was born dead. The cloth that was wrapped around the body, produced in the late 1950’s or early 1960-ies. Nearby lay a letter, dated August 1968.

DNA analysis confirmed that the child’s mother was deceased, and the father of her former husband, whom she married in 1968. The man claims that knew nothing about the dead boy, or even about his wife’s pregnancy. Their children also did not know about the dead older brother.

Coroner John Broadbridge (John Broadbridge) stated that it is the sad case in his 25-year career. “Tragic, extremely tragic and terribly sad that your mother had to keep a secret like that,” said he, addressing the children of the dead woman.

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