The Russian AIDS center has bought the most expensive iPhone “for telemedicine”


Photo: Stefano Guidi / Getty Images

State center for struggle against AIDS in Irkutsk region bought the iPhone XS Max 123 thousand rubles for “telemedicine”. On it informs Cnews.

According to the publication, the amount spent on a smartphone, one and a half times the cost of the average annual course of treatment for HIV/AIDS — 83 thousand rubles.

As head of the center Yulia Plotnikova, the iPhone “is an element of telemedicine” to be included in the therapy of homosexuals, drug addicts and prostitutes using the app, linking patients with HIV and physician. She refused to mention the name of the program and explain why it requires the most expensive smartphone model.

Plotnikov said that the gadget was bought not for the budget they were allocated from the grant received from Elton John Foundation against AIDS. She noted that it is planned to purchase and other similar smartphones.

A source in another regional centre for the fight against AIDS considered such a purchase discrediting colleagues. According to her, the Irkutsk oblast is regularly ranked in the top three of the Russian regions for HIV, is infected with each 50-th inhabitant of Irkutsk.

Periodically is known about the shortages of medicines in the region, although for the current year budget for purchase of drugs against HIV has increased from 30 million to 130 million rubles, and the AIDS centre, which is run by the Irkutsk Ministry of health annually allocates several hundred million rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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