The woman twice lost consciousness in the fight with the rapist and strayed


Image: DCPI

A resident of new York city were able to fend off a rapist who beat her and forced to perform oral sex. Reported by the New York Daily News.

Police released photos of a naked to the waist of the suspect. It was the 21-year-old Nicolaas Samaru (Nickoloas Samaroo), who came to visit his aunt. Together with her and her friend they walked on the bars, and then met a girl and the four of us went home. Toward morning Sumaru began to swear with his aunt, after which she and her companion left.

Then he locked the door, grabbed the girl and started beating. She lost consciousness and when he awoke, he continued to strike. Falling into a swoon for the second time and waking up, she saw him threatening her with a knife and stopped struggling.

The man tried to force her to perform oral sex, swinging in front of her with a knife. Obeying, the girl was bitten by a rapist for a sexual organ. While he came to himself, the victim managed to escape. In images circulated by police, the suspect was captured in, tried to quietly leave the scene.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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