Undercover cops uncovered the secrets of the profession


Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

Users of the forum Reddit has shared stories about the work of undercover police officers. On the thread drew attention Tjournal.

The publication was chosen from dozens of short stories some stories. This stipulates that to verify the truthfulness of material is not possible.

“My father worked at the Navy yard. His men were undercover raided with the aim to arrest drug suppliers. And these suppliers were local undercover cops, who conducted his own RAID. They found it when they tried to arrest each other,” writes thecloserocks.

Another employee took advantage of his “young” appearance, equipped in site mini-Studio, and sitting in front of the computer in my pajamas, catching pedophiles. “The most difficult — to save an innocent way until these guys told me what terrible things they want to do with my body thinking that I was a child. We got in the end more than 100 people,” boasted calypso_cane.

Also attention was drawn to the story from the girl-police, which had to portray a prostitute while working undercover. According to Buy_My_BBW_Panties officer revealed because of her excessive politeness.

On 20 July it became known that the British police and intelligence services use children as spies. Minors, including children under the age of 16, sent under cover for the operations against terrorists, criminal gangs and drug traffickers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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