Victim of “Rookie” police told about life after poisoning



A police officer who suffered from nerve agents “Newcomer” in the British Salisbury, told BBC News about his life after poisoning. According to Sergeant nick Bailey, his family lost the house and all other property in the incident.

He was in the hospital after he visited the house of former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, who became the victim of an assassination attempt on March 4 this year. After returning home, the police felt bad and went to the doctors.

Because of fears that he could “infect” and his home, his family was evicted, not having to return to collect personal belongings. “All I had children, we lost everything. Machine we lost everything,” said Bailey.

According to Sergeant, the doctors could not find the medicines as it was not known, than he was poisoned. “I had a fear that you cannot pass. I knew two more people were seriously injured, I was terrified”, — said the Briton. The treatment was painful: Bailey did a large number of shots, five or six at a time.

One of the family members Skripal (who is not specified) was lying in the next room under guard. “The nurse brought me a sandwich, dressed in a protective suit, he was a wife and children, who were allowed only to look at the house,” — said Bailey. To survive the rehabilitation period, he was psychologically difficult, he said.

Bailey suffered from contact with the toxic substance and was placed in the intensive care unit. On 22 March he was discharged from the hospital. Law enforcement officer said that for him “life may never be the same.” After that, the Russian Ambassador in London Alexander Yakovenko sent him a letter in which he assured that Moscow, which London accused in the incident, not involved in the poisoning.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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