Almost exterminated walrus sailed to the coast of Russia over the centuries


Photo: Ilya Timin / RIA Novosti

Red-listed Atlantic walrus noticed in the White sea for the first time since the eighteenth century. They did not appear there after a sharp decline in population due to unlimited fishing. About this TASS said a researcher of the laboratory of marine mammals of the Institute of Oceanology of Shirshov of RAS named Alexander Agafonov.

According to him, the species is still considered endangered.

Now the fishing of endangered Atlantic walrus is prohibited, said the scientist. Pacific walrus are allowed to produce only indigenous peoples, the number of these animals is around 200 thousand.

The expert added that the pinnipeds population is also affected by the pollution of the seas and oceans, like how it can significantly reduce the number of fish which they feed. Especially if we are talking about major disasters, e.g. oil spills.

Senior researcher of the Institute Vasily Spiridonov said that the number of Atlantic walrus not now alarming, but it is necessary to follow. There is another problem: due to global warming and the melting of ice, the predators do not find the rookery and head out to the North, where encounter competition with other animals for space.

November 24 is the walrus, established in 2008 on the initiative of the world wildlife Fund and the marine mammal Council.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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