Britain has stolen a precious historical relic


Portland, Tarapoto: as flikr

From the historic Welbeck estate in Nottinghamshire (Britain) stole a diamond tiara by Cartier, the so-called “Portland tiara” with the status of “national heritage”. Reported by the Mirror.

“The Portland tiara is one of the most impressive historical tiaras that make up the national heritage of the UK, — said the curator of the jewellery collection of London’s Victoria and albert Museum Richard Edgcumbe. — Created by Louis Francois Cartier in 1902, is a work of art, which was used in the DNA diamonds of the Dukes of Portland, was an ornament of the highest level, an outstanding example of jewelry design”.

The center stone of the tiara — a large diamond of cushion-cut, so-called “Portland diamond”, augmented on the sides by two smaller stones cut “pear”. The sixth Duke of Portland has ordered the jewel of Louis-françois Cartier for his wife Winifred, who wore the tiara for the coronation ceremony of king Edward VII.

Except tiara was stolen brooch with diamonds, which previously adorned the top of the tiara (the design changed in the 1920-ies).

Burglars who came to the estate on a silver Audi S5, stole both relics of Museum display cases and replaced with a forgery. Despite the alarm, to detain them on the spot failed. After some time was discovered empty burnt the car of the attackers. British police are investigating the robbery.

In September 2018 the representative of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia robbed at the hotel Ritz in Paris. According to the statement, the thieves have taken out from a hotel room decorations for 800 thousand euros. The jewels were not closed in the safe. With no signs of hacking in the police room is not found.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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