Latvia complained to the Russian ships at their borders


The sea tugboat “Victor Konetsky”Photo:

National armed forces (NAF) of Latvia has recorded two Russian warships on its borders. This is stated in the Twitter Department.

“In Latvia’s exclusive economic zone, 11 nautical miles from the territorial waters, HBC on 24 November identified the tugboat “Victor Konetsky” and a reconnaissance ship of “cherry” of the Russian Armed forces,” — said the Latvian military.

According to TASS, the authorities of the country previously expressed concern about the presence of Russian troops on its borders. According to the Ministry of defense, Russian military planes and ships in 2016, nearing the borders of Latvia 209 times in 2015 — more than 270 times, and in 2014 — more than 250 times. Data beyond 2017 are not yet available.

In August the war Department had issued a draft report in which he said that the Latvian government is unable to ensure the safety of all citizens in the event of armed conflict, so the people need to be responsible for themselves and their families.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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