Named the price of poverty in Russia


Alexey Madridfoto: Grigory Sysoev/ RIA “Novosti”

In regions where there is a high number of poor people must offer jobs at low rates. The proposal was made by the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin. This statement was made in the program “actors with Naila Asker-zade”, his words RBC.

According to Kudrin, such social contracts should be promoted to ensure that people were doing something, not sat at home, receiving unemployment benefits. “We believe that even the so-called social contracts must be promoted” he said. The head of audit chamber considers that for this purpose it is necessary to send 10 billion rubles annually.

Answering the question of whether to stop the growing number of poor, Kudrin suggested that “this year will be a turning point.”

Earlier Kudrin said that the current level of poverty in the country is unacceptable given the existing level of the economy. “I have already said that such poverty, as we have in the country, have a shame at this level of income GDP per capita [of the population],” said he.

In late November, the Russian Academy published a study that showed that Russia has 22% of the population lives in poverty and can only afford a minimal set of basic products. In the area of consumer risk was 35.6 per cent of Russians — they can afford to eat and buy everyday clothes. At the same time they encounter difficulties in the purchase of consumer durables, furniture or appliances.

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