Radio communications of the Ukrainian military with requests to rescue them was leaked


Tug “Yana Kapu” and the Russian boundary ship “dawn”Photo: press-service of the Ukrainian Navy

Ukrainian website “ЛІГА.net” published record of negotiations of the Ukrainian military and Russian border guards in the incident near the Kerch Strait. Providing materials source is not known, the editorial also does not specify the members of the crews of any ships appear in the negotiations and where exactly the events occur.

From several records that the crew of one of the Ukrainian ships delivers the distress signal Mayday, reported wounded, including recumbent, and requests urgent assistance. The Russian side, in turn, clarifies the data on number of victims and warns that the Ukrainian seafarers should raise their hands up, otherwise it will open fire.

Confirm this information, but, as RIA Novosti reported with reference to Russia’s FSB, the border guards, using weapons, detained in the Black sea near the Kerch Strait, three ships of naval forces of Ukraine — boats “Berdyansk” and “Nikopol” and the tug “Yana Kapu”. In addition, the secret service said about the provision of medical care three Ukrainian servicemen. Press service of the Ukrainian Navy reported six wounded.

FSB accuses Ukrainian sailors in violation of Russian state border on November 25 near the Crimea (Kyiv considers the Peninsula and the territorial waters around it with your own — approx. “Of the”), disobeying authorities and dangerous maneuvers. The Department believes these actions are a provocation, the Ukrainian Navy command said that the ships came from Odessa to Mariupol legally.

In the area of the incident was sent to the Russian military aviation, the Ukrainian side has sent several ships from the sea of Azov, but they, as stated in the FSB, have already come back. The Kerch Strait closed to civilian shipping.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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