Russian border guards chased the retreating Ukrainian ships


Photo: naval forces of Ukraine / Facebook

Ukrainian warships began their withdrawal from the Kerch Strait. This is stated in the message of the naval forces of Ukraine in Facebook.

“After the start of motion of the ship Navy band APU at the exit from the Kerch Strait to Russian ships and boats began harassment in the form of an ultimatum demand to stop under the threat of arms”, — stated in the command of the fleet.

Also, the Ukrainian side claims about the alleged transfer of “Russian special forces” on one of the ships of the FSB “to attempt boarding”. Despite the threats and provocations, the boats of the Ukrainian Navy continue the execution of the task, — reported in the APU.

Earlier on Sunday, 25 November, the FSB reported that three ships of naval forces of Ukraine entered the Russian temporarily closed the waters and move from the Black sea to Kerch Strait. Later it became known that other Ukrainian court moved in the direction of the Strait and go over the speed limit.

The Ukrainian Navy command said that two boats and a tugboat was going from Odessa to Mariupol on the lawful bases, and the Russian border guard ship rammed the tug.

The Russian side considered this provocation and decided to close the Kerch Strait for shipping. In the air was raised military aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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