USA met five hundred migrants bullets and tear gas


Photo: Hannah Mckay / Reuters

Law enforcement officers the United States has used against 500 illegal migrants who attempted to pass through the U.S.-Mexico border, tear gas, and fired at them with rubber bullets. Agency reported Assosiated Press.

According to the newspaper Excelsior, on the border near the city of Tijuana in Mexico there is a “complete mess” over the territory of flying helicopters and the us military patrolling the border wire fence. Border service of the USA has banned the movement of vehicles and pedestrians on the site of San Isidro, located to the South of California San Diego.

It was noted that the workers chanted the slogan “We are not criminals! We are international workers!”, some of the migrants were holding the flags of the United States and Honduras.According to recent reports, near the towns of Tijuana and Mexicali concentrate 5,6 thousand refugees from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

November 22, U.S. President Donald trump said that he gave approval for the use of lethal weapons against migrants at the border with Mexico. The American leader had hoped that the military did not have to open fire, but at the same time stressed that he had in this matter there is no choice since have to deal with “rude people”.

In October, thousands of refugees from Central America went to the us border. The President of the United States Donald trump sent to the border of thousands of soldiers to curb the influx of illegal immigrants. The first group of the caravan of migrants arrived on the U.S. border and Mexico on November 13.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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