When shelling in Aleppo, injuring at least 100 people


Photo: SANA

As a result of attack by fighters of residential quarters of Aleppo, Syria suffered at least 100 people. It is reported TASS with reference to the channel al-Mayadin.

The injured were taken to hospitals with symptoms of suffocation. Agency SANA said that the city was fired ammunition with “toxic gas”.

The chief of the police Department of Aleppo General Issam al-schally blamed the incident on terrorists dzhebhat an-Nusra (banned in Russia). According to him, the militants fired at the blocks located near the frontline with the Syrian army gangs.

In October several dozen members of the organization “White helmets” staged in Aleppo provocation with chemical weapons. Thus, they planned to provoke a return fire of the Syrian military and orchestrating the shelling of alleged chemical shells.

Armed conflict in Syria began in 2011. It involves government forces, acting on the side of President Bashar al-Assad, moderate opposition and various Islamist groups.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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