Google and Telegram are motivated to comply with Russian law fines of millions


Photo: Sergey Ponomarev / AP

Russia plans to increase the penalties for domestic and foreign technology companies that refuse to comply with the requirements of the Russian legislation. About it reports Reuters, citing sources.

According to sources, the development of the amendments involved in the administration of the President and Roskomnadzor. The official representative of the Minister Vadim Ampelonskiy in conversation with journalists has declared that Roskomnadzor is not involved in the creation of bills, since it is not a subject of legislative initiative.

Changes have to touch the Code of administrative offences of Russia. The new provisions of the draft law will allow to impose IT company a penalty of one percent of their annual revenue. The minimum amount of the penalty will be 1.5 million rubles, even if the company has no revenues in Russia. Moreover, fines can be charged repeatedly.

Journalists argue that the amendments will affect major search engines Google and Yandex, Telegram messenger and WeChat, news aggregator “Yandex.News” and “Mail.Ru news” online cinema Netflix and Okko, and the tools to bypass locks. The changes will affect all companies that collect personal data of Russian citizens, but do not keep them in Russia.

The sources noted that the changes will help motivate corporations to comply with the law because of the threat of locking are often not taken seriously. The possibility to block the application the authorities will remain.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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