In New Zealand, 145 dolphins bombers, beached on the shore


Photo: Anthony Phelps / Reuters

More than 145 pilot whales (pilot whale) washed ashore the beach of Stewart island in New Zealand over the weekend. It is reported by radio New Zealand, citing the statement of the representative of the Ministry of environmental protection of the island of Renn Leppens.

According to the publication, half of the dolphins were dead by the time they were found on a remote beach on the Gulf of Mason Bay. The rest of the animals had to be put down due to the inaccessibility of space and the deterioration of their condition.

“Unfortunately, the likelihood that it will be possible to re-float the remaining dolphins were extremely small. Nevertheless, this is one of those decisions that you always break my heart,” explained Happens.

In August it was reported stranded on the beach in New Zealand two humpback whales. Despite the assistance of volunteers during the rescue operation failed to return the whales back to sea during high tide.

New Zealand leads in the number of suicides of whales and dolphins. Scientists still do not know the causes of suicide water mammals. Researchers believe that they may be impacted by sonar from military ships, pollution of the oceans and magnetic storms. As a rule, if one Dolphin is thrown on the shore, the other animals of the pack trying to help him and eventually find themselves trapped.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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