In Switzerland held a referendum on cow horns


Photo: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP

Swiss citizens participated in the referendum, which, in particular, was a question of sawing the horns of the cows and goats on farms. About it reports The Local.

A referendum was held on Sunday, November 25. Question about the horns, it made a old farmer Armin Capaul. Thanks to the support of social movements, he managed to collect the necessary 100 thousand signatures.

He suggested that the ban on obtrusive cows, and the introduction of preferences for those farmers that do not do this with their cattle. According to Capula, the idea came to him from the animals themselves.

“I always say with the cows in the stalls. They asked me to do something for them, to help them keep their horns,” said he.

Opponents of this measure stress that hornless cows is safer to contain in immediate proximity to each other. The results of the vote are still unknown.

Beyond the issue of obereganii, in a national referendum, the Swiss had to decide whether or not the insurance companies spy on potential cheaters and voted on the question of whether the decision of the Swiss judges take precedence over international law.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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