Investors “Cerberi” suffered the money into a new project


Arthur Vaginaphoto: page Arthur Vardanyan in “Vkontakte”

Investors “Cerberi” not waiting for the promised December 1 payments, transfer money to another company of the founder of financial pyramid by Arthur Vardanyan — GDC (Global Decentralized Community). About this report “Izvestia” with reference to investors.

Transfer money to GDC through a personal account on the website “Cerberi”. Investors believe the money has not come out, therefore, to return money it is necessary to use other methods. Stated that GDC will begin work in two months, and will work in 10 countries. Some of the participants “Cerberi” transferred to the new project automatically, for example, those whose investments did not exceed 20 thousand rubles.

The Central Bank said that they know about the new project Vardanyan. The regulator “monitors all the information that relates to the emergence or statements about the appearance of potential financial pyramids”, said the representatives of the Bank of Russia.

While on the activities of the GDC know only that it will be “decentralized investment community, working on the principle of multi-level marketing and the blockchain”. The income of investors not specified. According to experts, lost money customers expect return on their investment, once on the top of the new pyramid, due to the following contributors.

On 1 November the head of the group of companies “Cerberi” Arthur Vardanyan said that the company terminates because of the machinations of enemies. He promised to return the money, but admitted that all to pay will not work. The same year announced the creation of a new platform GDC, where he promised to automatically transfer the part of investors “, Cerberi”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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