Named the worst sausage cheese


Photo: Maxim Shemetov / TASS

Expert centre of the Russian consumers Union “Roskontrol” conducted a study of sausage cheese. It was attended by experts of the Federal research center for food systems named after V. M. Gorbatov.

The study was studied cheese of five brands: “Starodubsky Cheese”, “cheese”, “Syromolotov”, “Gold orbit” and “Myasnov”. They were checked for compliance with more than 60 quality parameters, including the presence of preservatives and compliance labeling.

The price of all samples, with the exception of “Starodubsky Cheese” (209 rubles per kilogram) ranged from 420 to 490 rubles per kilogram. In the end it “Cheese.” as it turned out, contains less than 19 percent of milk fat.

In the rest of the stamps were discovered to have violations. In the sample “City of cheese” the number of yeast exceed the standard in 220 times, “Myasnovo” — 20 times, in the “Gold orbit” — 40 times and four times more fungi than allowed.

In addition, the “Gold orbit” was found the potassium sorbate that is not listed on the packaging. In the sample “Starodubsky Cheese”, “Syromolotova” and “City cheese” was less protein than indicated in the marking.

In the end, the authors of the study recognized three of the five samples of “cheese”, “Myasnov” and the “Gold orbit” is unsafe for health. Along with the “Cheese Starodubski” they got in the black list. Sausage cheese under the brand name “Syromolotov” listed in the product list in comments. The specialists of “Roskontrol” not recommended for use none of the tested cheeses.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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