The father of the family went on vacation, got an infection and went into a coma


Adam Nordfoto: page Adam Korda in Facebook

A resident of the Australian city of Brisbane went on vacation, where he caught the infection and fell into a coma. It is reported

Adam Cord (Adam Coard) together with his wife Kate for a few months saving up for a trip to Perth, where he planned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their life together. On the third day the man felt unwell, the cause of which was infection. In the hospital revealed that his blood was present two types of infection.

The state of the Aussie plummeted, he fell into a coma. Two weeks later I woke up completely paralyzed. The only thing he could move was a finger on the hand. Prescribed by doctors antibiotics caused him to have a rash all over the body.

His wife was forced to return home to work, to pay for the treatment of the Cord. Later the doctors diagnosed him with a rare autoimmune disorder — Guillain — Barre syndrome and was transferred to another hospital.

The doctors were forced to put him in a coma again because of the risk of lung failure. He stayed there for five days. Wife and children of the Cord have not had the opportunity to fly to Perth, so have sent messages to nurses, and they read them aloud to the patient. He communicated with nurses via the blackboard with the alphabet.

Intensive therapy enabled the man to partially restore the ability to move: at the moment he can hardly speak, sit and a little to move his legs. The family of Australian began collecting money for his treatment. The publication notes that people with this rare syndrome in most cases is restored, but this process can take years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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