Named the most drinking countries of Europe


Photo: Michael Dalder / Reuters

Experts of the project “Sober Russia” has conducted research and built “rating of the sobriety of the countries of Europe 2018”. It is published on the official website of the project.

Experts estimated the “sobriety” of EU countries according to two criteria: the registered consumption of alcohol per adult person (15 years) of pure alcohol and the number of deaths in the country in connection with the abuse of alcohol.

Most drinking country turned out to Estonia. Here one person drank an average of 15.35 litres per year. The second line of the rating took Lithuania (of 13.61 litres), the third Czech Republic (12,99 liters), and in last place in terms of drinking was Greece (6,53 liters).

If to speak about mortality caused by alcohol abuse, leading on this criterion was Slovenia (of 12.83 deceased persons per 100 thousand people), followed by Denmark (12,24) and Latvia (9,07).

Based on the obtained data, the experts made a rating of the countries where the most drink and often die from alcohol. The highest score received Estonia (17.07 points), followed by Slovenia (16.81 points), Luxembourg (17.07 points), Romania (15.62 points) and Denmark (15.49 points).

In November, medical tourism company International SOS has published a map of 2019 Travel Risk Map that shows which countries are considered as the most dangerous for tourists. The most dangerous to visit, the company has considered Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Niger, Central African Republic, Venezuela, North Korea, Somalia, Eritrea, Yemen, Haiti and Burkina Faso.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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