The priest spoke about the state Schumacher


Michael Summerfae: Mandoga Media /

Archbishop Georg Ganswein told about the meeting with seven-time champion “Formula 1” Michael Schumacher in the summer of 2016. His words are quoted by Bild.

“I was sitting in front of Schumacher, held his hands and looked at him. He is the same Michael Schumacher we all know, only a little plumper. Michael feels that all around him are loving people who care about him. And, thank God, they keep it away from the too curious public,” he shared details of the meeting Ganswein.

According to the Archbishop, Schumacher needs privacy. “The family is a protective nest where Michael needs. Of course, I pray for him and his family,” said the priest.

Schumacher in December 2013 fell while skiing in the Alpine resort of Meribel. As a result the driver received head injury and in a coma. Since September 2014 he is recovering in a Villa on lake Geneva.

The family has limited the amount of news about the condition of the pilot. In August it became known that the former racer began to cry. Family members hope that the German could still show emotion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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