The rector of the Church found a way to ward off the police from trying to infiltrate the Church


Photo: Bethel

The Church in the Netherlands has found a way to protect your family members from extradition and began round-the-clock service, which lasted for 34 days. It is reported by Euronews.

Under the legislation, police have no right to enter the temple during worship. It decided to use Axel Vick, the Abbot of the temple in a suburb of the Hague — he hid refugees in the Church building and organized a service, which is still ongoing.

The Church came to the defense of the family of Tarazanov, immigrants from Armenia who reside in the Netherlands for more than nine years. They twice received permission to shelter, but this year, the government of the Kingdom decided to send Tarazanov, despite the assertion that in the homeland they are threatened by persecution.

The parishioners supported the idea, currently they are looking for “fresh” clerics are able to continue the relay. It is noted that particularly “coveted” in this temple people able to sleep at night.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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