Uncover the secret of Putin’s power


Vladimir Putinto: Vladimir Agafonov / RIA Novosti

A major factor in the success of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the international stage called knowledge of geography. This writes Le Figaro.

“Syria, Georgia, Ukraine… Many years Russia’s intervention in the Affairs of other States was successful. A geopolitical success was made possible thanks to the knowledge of Putin in geography, the discipline which the West does not pay enough attention,” writes the newspaper. Awareness of the Russian leader in the geographical and cultural characteristics of different countries, along with quality leadership, allowed him to achieve abnormal success.

As an example, the publication cites the statement of the Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev in October 2017: the official talked about the pork exports to Indonesia. Putin then said that the idea of failure, since Indonesia is mostly a Muslim country, and pork in it not popular.

The reason for the extensive knowledge of the President called the Soviet education and knowledge obtained during his service in the KGB. The newspaper notes that Putin is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian geographical society and sometimes participates in its meetings.

There is also the superiority of the Russian leader to Western colleagues who are lagging behind in knowledge of geography. Reasons cited are a lack of preparation: discipline is not required in secondary schools in the United States, and in France it pays little attention to, as well as the disinterest of leaders in the subject. According to the newspaper, they’re more into Economics and Finance.

In the example Le Figaro quotes the former leader of France Nicolas Sarkozy and U.S. President George W. Bush, who did not know the difference between Sunnis and Shiites. Criticized also the current head of the White house Donald trump, who confuse Austria and Australia. The current leader of France Emmanuel macron believes Guiana is an overseas Department of the country, located in the North-East of South America, island.

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