The radio host went home in the middle of the air and killed himself


Photo: Vicki Archer

Popular announcer of radio station “bi-Bi-si” Vicki Archer (Vicki Archer), about the death which became known in August of this year, has committed suicide. According to the website of the newspaper, the employee was suffering from a prolonged depression.

The cause of death of 41-year-old Archer has announced a court in Shropshire. According to the court, in the middle of the day, she told colleagues that she needed rest, and left the office. According to The Guardian, a leading left the Studio during the broadcast. After a few hours she was found dead in his own house.

The publication notes that this was already her third attempt to commit suicide over the past few years. Despite the successful career woman for a long time suffered from depression. In the last weeks before her death, she published the personal blogs of complaints about life and sad posts.

Her body was found by his stepfather, who came to her home to help with the installation of the plate. The Archer left three children.

Head of regional broadcasting “Bi-bi-si” David Jennings (David Jennings) said that all employees of the radio station literally heartbroken after the news of the death of Archer. According to him, it was an outstanding presenter and journalist.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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