The patient had to pay the doctor directly in the middle of surgery



In China, the surgeon caused the patient to pay him in the middle of surgery and refused to continue the procedure to obtain money. This publication reports the South China Morning Post.

The incident occurred in Lanzhou, Gansu province. The patient, surnamed Yao, who came from Yunnan province, went to the doctor on 25 October and paid him for consultation 538 yuan (5.2 thousand rubles). The doctor sent Yao to the operation, but in the middle of the procedure, told the Chinese to pay him 15.3 thousand yuan (148,5 thousand). The surgeon said Yao that his lymph nodes are inflamed and damaged nerves require treatment, and if we don’t act now, then the patient will face problems in the future.

Yao was very scared, besides, he felt sleepy because of the local anesthesia and found no strength to argue. He bandaged the wound and sent to the cashier, located on the floor below.

After that, Yao wrote a complaint to the authorities Lanzhou. He consulted other doctors and found out that his surgery was, on average, 1,500 yuan (15,5 thousand).

The hospital agreed to pay the man compensation 41450 yuan (402,3 thousand).

According to the newspaper, the fraud in the medical field is widespread in China, as private medicine almost is not controlled. Because of this, patients often have to pay for the procedure.

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