Convicted paedophile ex-Director of the Orthodox gymnasium defrocked


Andrew Tkachenko: Yakut diocese

Convicted for pedophilia hieromonk father Meletios the decision of the ecclesiastical court of Yakutsk and Lensk diocese defrocked. On Tuesday, December 11, “the” has informed a press-the Secretary of the diocese the nun Eugenia (Senchukova).

“Given the public outcry and the seriousness of the crime of priest-monk Meletios, Archbishop of the Roman confirmed the decision of the ecclesiastical court. It passed the resolution of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. If the answer of the Primate of the decision will come into force,” — said the mother of Eugene.

The nun also said that families of affected children are not left attention of the diocese, the Church is ready to provide them financial and prayerful help.

The ecclesiastical court consists of five high-ranking clergy, and Bishop for not one of them. On the issues of the eruption of Sana a decision should be taken unanimously, then approved by the Bishop and the Primate. If the priest is brought to trial, Church court discussed the issue only after the verdict of a secular court.

Hieromonk father Meletios (Andrey Tkachenko), a former seven years the Director of the Yakut St Innokenty Orthodox school on November 29 was sentenced to 17 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony. The investigation charged him with 87 sex crimes, the victims were two minors student. The court considered it proven 46 episodes. He Tkachenko appealed the verdict.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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