The carny prefer a new appearance to the housing


Sybil, Callonetta: @sybilstallone

The carny Sybil Stallone (Sybil Stallone) from Las Vegas admitted that they pulled on plastic surgery more than willing to spend on housing. Reported by the Daily Star.

30-year-old Stallone was carried away bodily modifications ten years ago. To date, the woman already filled with fillers, the lips, the chin and cheeks, adjusted his nose, clenched my buttocks and increased the breast size from D to G.

In total, the whole procedure American spent 500 thousand dollars. However, Stallone isn’t going to stop there and plans to do a facelift.

“Millions of fans admire my beauty. I had a long and successful career. I get only positive feedback, because I’m a respected employee of the entertainment industry,” said the model.

At the moment, Sybil Stallone in Instagram signed by 1.2 million people.

In April the Polish architect named Anella called himself the first “living Barbie” in the country after he spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. The new face and body that brought the girl fame in social networks, they cost 42 thousand dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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