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Giant alligator swam among the divers and was caught

Frame: ABC Action News

In the U.S. city of Parrish, Florida, caught a huge alligator that hindered the work of divers. This publication reports The Epoch Times.

Reptile with a length of 3.6 meters and a weight of 226 pounds was found by the divers, who worked on a private project. They popped out of the water and asked for help. Half an hour later arrived at the scene, a licensed alligator hunter Jim Kata (Jim Cutway). “They had visibility less than half a meter, but they saw that he was somewhere nearby. They were worried about it”, — he explained.

Katwa, began to lure the alligator until he pulled the snout out of the water. When the catcher first saw the reptile, could not restrain his admiring exclamation. It took him over two hours to with a partner to get the alligator on dry land. Katwa, described their struggle as “the long tug of war” and said that the reptile was a very large and thick.

After this, the animal was taken to the alligator farm. As soon as he was taken, divers continued to work. According to Kataya, he once caught an alligator more — the length of the reptile was 3.8 meters.

American alligators rarely reach even 3.4 meters in length. However, aware of the existence of individuals with a length of 4.5 meters.

Video, photo All from Russia.



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