Russian mathematician and chess arbiter froze to death on the street



In Moscow because of hypothermia and frostbite died mathematician and honorary member of the International chess Federation (FIDE) Eduard Dubov, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

“Despite the efforts of doctors, 23 Dec citizen died in the intensive care unit,” — said the source Agency in law enforcement.

Dubova found on the morning of 22 December, on Union street. He was a drunk.

Upon an event organized preliminary examination, the body of math has been sent for analysis.

Eduardo Dubov was 80 years old. He lived on the street Academician Vargi.

In October it was reported who died from hypothermia football player and Russian coach Konstantin androsenka. 38-year-old athlete felt ill in the car, drove into a ditch, lost consciousness and froze to death. Recently, he was an assistant coach at a children’s mini-football team in Smolensk.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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