Ukrainian dancer with a tattoo of Putin’s Declaration of love to Trump


Photo: @sergeipolunin

Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin considers Donald trump a man with a big heart and supports his actions as President of the United States. He said this in his Instagram account.

“My support for President Donald Trump because he makes this world a safer place. My respect for you, and thank you for what you say the truth about news channels that tell the truth. They really are such brainwashed people”, — wrote the artist.

He added that the American leader sends his love, and called trump a loving father with a big heart, who is able to make the world a better place. The dancer expressed the hope that the President “will move to the light.”

November 26, Sergei Polunin has published in social networks a picture of her tattoo, which depicts Russian President Vladimir Putin. The artist explained that he had stuffed the portrait to protect Putin from negative energy. Polunin later reported that he had received a Russian passport and declared that Russia for the truth.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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