Vegan with a grateful tattoo on his forehead won the respect vegans


Photo: sattva.xvx / Instagram

Vegan from Samara Sergey Vavilov made a tattoo on my forehead “Vegan straight edge”. He put the portrait in his Instagram.

After the publication of Vavilov’s followers split into two camps. Some admired the vegan thing, others expressed bewilderment poironizirovat over the fact that now he doesn’t have to tell everyone about your vision of life. Apart made by other vegans, who supported his “colleague”.

This is the third tattoo on the face of the Vavilov — before he got his image of webs and predatory cats.

Straight edge — a reaction to the sexual revolution, hedonism, and the other is the lack of abstinence. Followers of this movement reject the alcohol, Smoking and drugs.

24 December it became known about a family of vegans in Australia, which brought an eight month old child to starvation and rickets, put him on a strict diet without animal products. The girl’s weight at 19 months was 4.9 pounds, the doctors failed to detect in the body of the child vitamin D.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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