Passengers of the plane a few hours spent with a corpse in the cabin


Photo: Daniel Munoz / Reuters

Passengers of the airline Air New Zealand had to spend two hours with the body of a man on Board. Reported by the Daily Mail.

EN route from Hong Kong to Auckland, the plane made an emergency landing at the airport of the Australian city of Cairns after on Board died one of the passengers.

The plane landed, but the airport was not enough staff to connect the liner to the terminal with a special “sleeve”. As a result, doctors have used a ladder to get on a plane. It was too short, so the doctors had to put under her bag with medical instruments. The whole process took about two hours.

As a result, the doctors managed to pull out the body, and the plane continued the flight to Auckland and landed at the airport of destination with a delay of two hours.

In December 2018, the passenger of the Hungarian airline Wizz Air has died aboard a plane EN route from Milan to Kutaisi. The citizen of Georgia became ill during the flight, after the aircraft made an emergency landing at the airport of Belgrade in order to the woman received medical treatment. However, to save the life of a passenger was not possible.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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