“Nines” eggs inspired network users in search of ways to reduce the cost of products


Photo: @RRHarisov

The network reacted to the sellers ‘ desire to save money by selling chicken eggs, realizing their “nines” and not dozens, as it was before. Users of social networks suggested that the retailers and other saving options.

Photo: telegram channel “Primer and blue”

Some believe that Russia “it’s time to abandon the hostile measures of weight, volume, distance and time and go to Patriotic”. Others believe that food it’s time to sell doses. “For example, milk is one dose, mayonnaise — one dose, and put any price, and the consumer himself, much or little, cheap or expensive,” writes microblogger Peach Stepanov.

“The best business startup 2019: eggs — nines, gasoline — 950 grams, bread — slices, cigarettes by the piece, Apple — halves,” — said the author of the Telegram-channel “Primer and blue”.

News about the Niners eggs brought users to the idea of returning of Russia in 1990-e years when cigarettes were sold individually.

There were those who found the hysteria around saving producers on eggs bloated. “Sugar has long been at 900 grams, and the oil is at 180 and nothing, somehow nobody notices. And all the eggs somehow so offended,” said one of the wearer.

As previously reported by “Russian service Bi-bi-si”, eggs in a package of nine pieces for the price of ten is not the only way food producers to hide the price increase. They also reduced the packaging of cow’s milk, beer and fruit juices, cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream and aerated chocolate bar. The price has remained the same.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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