Stolen from the shooting was the Ukrainian criminal authority


Yuri Vasilenkovo: Country

Stolen shooting in Moscow was the Ukrainian criminal authority Yury Vasilenko, involved in the murder of former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov and the leader of the Ukrainian public organization “Oplot” Evgeny Zhilin. On Friday, January 11, reports “Rosbalt”, citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

The incident, which became known in the evening of 10 January, occurred in the restaurant “Basil”. In the restaurant came a group of strong men and ordered the journalist to follow them. He tried to escape, resulting in a scuffle ensued, and the raiders started shooting. Vasilenko was injured, it was loaded in the trunk of a car and taken away.

After that in a rented apartment stolen was searched. Security forces found an Arsenal of weapons, including sniper rifles and explosives.

According to the source of “Rosbalt”, Vasilenko was influential criminal authority in the Ukraine, supported close ties with the Russian mafia circles. He supposedly was one of the organizers of the killings in Kiev, Denis Boronenkov and, in addition, could be involved in the shooting Eugene Zilina in the suburbs.

In Moscow, Vasilenko lived illegally on the passport in a false name. He led an almost clandestine lifestyle: rented a small apartment in the North-East of the capital, meetings were held in the restaurant, from where he was abducted.

Boronenkov killed in Kiev in March 2017. Former state Duma Deputy from the Communist party at the end of 2016 together with his wife Maria Maksakova went to the Ukraine, having received, in his words, citizenship in this country.

Evgeny Zhilin was shot in September 2016 in the restaurant on Rublevo-Uspensky highway in the Moscow region village of Gorki-2, who accompanied his colleague was seriously injured. According to the Investigative Committee, the activist could be killed for commercial activities, according to others, the leader of “Oplot” might owe a large sum of money.

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